Mental Health

Gateway to Mental Health Services

Provides a basic general introduction to a wide array of mental health issues, with an overview of symptoms and treatments, links to websites and blogs and books and movies that can be useful, and provides referrals for treatment. 

Child Mind Institute

Has a large list of Concerns and Disorders. Within each, you find a list of articles that help with that particular issue in a specific area. For example, if your child has anxiety, how do you help them face fears about doctors? It also provides generalized guides for parents dealing with a specific challenge, for example, a general guide to your child’s anxiety. There is a symptom checker as well, which can help you identify which issues your child might be facing. 

National Alliance on Mental Health

Provides information on treatment and support and connects people with discussion groups to talk with others facing the same issues. 


Type the issue you are researching into the search bar and it will provide links a variety of resources, websites, books, latest news, community boards, and symptom information. 

The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry – Resource Center

Connect to a wide array of articles, clinical resources, research and training, and links to general websites for the following issues: Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Bipolar, Bullying, Trauma and Child Abuse, Conduct Disorder, Depression, Disaster, Military Families, Moving into Adulthood, OCD, ODD, Substance Abuse, and Suicide. 

Mental Health America

A variety of resources for each issue, both in specific areas (e.g. anxiety) and overarching issues (e.g. bullying).

Everyday Health

Connects you to a variety of resources for a wide range of mental health issues.