The Ann FUND

Assistance for adoptive families struggling to care for the special needs of their children

At The Ann Children's Fund we do our very best to help parents of children with special needs or serious illnesses find resources to meet crucial needs. We have found that sometimes families have unique needs that cannot be met through the organizations in our Resource Hub or resources known to the family. That is where The Ann Fund steps in.

Because there are so many deserving families with needs, and funds are limited, we have narrowed the focus of The Ann Fund to helping adoptive families of special needs and seriously ill children. Sometimes the request is small, such as asking for donated hotel or airline points to get to a specialist, and sometimes it is big, like needing help with expensive medical equipment. We will work with the adoptive family to verify their need, qualifications for support (such as ability to pay), and our ability to meet that need. Our review process is thorough to ensure that our donors have confidence that their donations are spent wisely.

The Ann Fund provides financial support by funding needs directly and not through providing cash grants to individuals.  To start the process please fill out the online form and provide any supplemental materials to


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